A little about Marsala


Lombardo Family History

Marsala is Sicily's most honored wine.  In 1773 John Woodhouse an English merchant from Liverpool began exporting this wine from Sicily to England. Since then Marsala has been exported throughout the world and  gained a well celebrated reputation.

All of Europe, Asia, and most of the world recognizes that legally Marsala can only be produced in Sicily.  However, there are wine producers  that bottle an inexpensive imitation of Marsala. 

Domestic Marsala is completely different from imported Marsala.   In fact the Sicilian grapes used in the production of Imported Marsala aren't even grown here In the United States.  If you compare the two side-by-side you will immediately see the difference, smell the difference, and taste the difference.

Any recipe prepared with domestic Marsala will be inferior to a recipe that uses genuine Lombardo Marsala as an ingredient.   The world's finest restaurants will only use genuine Marsala in preparing their dishes.

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In 1881 the ship owner Giuseppe Lombardo established a wine house in Western Sicily in the city of Marsala. His company refined and innovated new techniques to produce Marsala wine. The prominence and reputation of Lombardo Marsala grew, as his ships carried his wine all over the world.

 Today, the descendents of Giuseppe Lombardo carry on his cherished wine making traditions using the same time honored methods. They continue to refine, innovate, and perfect the techniques used to make Marsala. The dedication and efforts of four generations of Lombardo's give birth to Italy's finest Marsala.

The Lombardo family graciously extends their appreciation to customers all over the world. They pledge to continue making the finest Marsala possible, and look forward to hearing your comments. E-Mail us: